Thermal weeding is much more environmentally friendly than chemical weeding – Express Farming solutions

Thermal weeding is much more environmentally friendly than chemical weeding – Express Farming solutions
31 March 2020 Express Farming

While chemicals are gradually being banned from our green spaces, the gas-fired thermal weeder is the ideal solution: ecological, efficient, almost instantaneous and economical.

Thermal weeding vs. chemical weeding

The Finances

Thermal weeder Cat. No. 6503

Thermal weeder Cat. No. 6503

A thermal gas weeder is simply a blowtorch that allows the release of very high heat that burns creating a thermal shock that spreads to the roots of the plant. The simple design of this type of gas burner protects you from breakdowns as there are no difficult to fix, complicated parts: just a gas canister and a “simple” burner. The only part that requires changing is the gas itself, which makes its use much more economical than chemical weeding, being very expensive and not reusable.

The Environment

From an ecological point of view, the thermal weeder cannot be beaten. The intense heat it gives off causes the cells of the surface part of the plantto burst into the root. Deprived of its capacity of photosynthesis, the plant gradually dries out and its root also dies. If the plants are climbing, creeping or particularly hardy, they can be permanently controlled by simply returning with the thermal gas weeder two weeks later. A third and final pass may sometimes be necessary.

Thermal weeding only destroys the targeted plants, whereas if you use a chemical weedkiller, you diffuse harmful chemicals into the soil potentially harming your beloved plants and even wildlife. Small mammals such as moles, earthworms, ants and soil microorganisms are essential for the regeneration of organic matter, and chemical weedkillers invade the soil and the living species in them as a result….

Where can it be used?

The thermal gas weeder operating with a gas cartridge allows you to reach the most inaccessible places and, above all, to precisely target the correct area.

With chemical weed control, you cannot apply your product near areas you wish to keep intact, as you do not have control over its spread. Nor can you treat around the plants you eat, i.e. near fruit trees and shrubs, as well as near your vegetable garden.

Finally, the surface result is visible as soon as you have passed your thermal weeder gas, even if it takes a little time before the root dies permanently. Conversely, with chemical weeding, it takes several days before the plant turns yellow and eventually withers or does not wither!

Thermal gas-powered weed killer: Express Farming solutions

Express Farming offers you two models of thermal gas-powered weeder in fixed or portable version.

The thermal gas-powered weeder with butane gas cylinder

The professional thermal weeder offered by Express Farming is perfectly ecological and is extremely efficient, no weed is resistant to it.

This weeding torch is non-toxic and can treat very large areas. It is ideal for large properties or ground maintenance in larger communities. It can be used in all seasons and is very economical over time..

Connected directly to a butane gas cylinder, it is equipped with a trigger handle that allows the burner to be activated. It is supplied with a 4.75 metre hose, which allows a great deal of manoeuvrability. Its power of 35 kW is perfect for efficient and environmentally friendly weeding.

The portable thermal gas-powered weeder

Thermal weeder Cat. No. 6504

The autonomous gas thermal weeder is a professional tool that is well suited to individuals who wish to eradicate weeds from their land, while respecting the environment.

The torch has a gas cartridge that can be fixed with a simple hook. With an output of 35 kW, it is perfectly portable and its 1.50 m hose leaves you free to move around.

The portable gas-powered thermal weeder really is “all terrain”. It allows you to treat hard-to-reach places and sometimes steep edges. It works in all seasons and its gas cartridge gives the appliance a use time of about one hour.