Farming Express thermal weedkillers

Farming Express thermal weedkillers
30 June 2021 express_farming
Desherbeur thermique 6504

Express offers various thermal weed killers to suit your needs. Here we present two models, the thermal weeder Ref. 6503 and the portable thermal weeder Ref. 6504, for professional or private use.

Understand the concept of the thermal weeder to use it properly

Once your thermal weeder is on, you gently sweep the plants that are going to be heated, but you should not wait for them to blacken completely. Indeed, exposure to heat is used to explode the membranes of the cells in the plant. Once these have broken down, the water escapes from it and it takes a few hours for the plant to dry out.

It is not until 24 hours later that the plant will be completely black. It is often necessary to make a second pass a few days later, on average 72 hours after the first pass. This helps eradicate plants whose cells have resisted.

The ideal time to optimise the use of your thermal weeder is in the spring, when the vegetation is growing back. You can do your weeding in all conditions, including when it is wet. Water droplets are excellent heat conductors and accelerate the process of the destruction of membranes.

The only reservation to the use of the thermal weeder is the presence of very dry brush that could catch fire.

Thermal weeders from Express

The two thermal weeders from Express run on butane gas. They are both very powerful and their difference lies in their gas supply which offers more or less autonomy.

The two thermal weeders are equipped with a two-material, brass trigger handle with a braked steering wheel. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide a good grip.

Thermal weeder Ref. 6503

The ecological thermal weeder Ref. 6503 is the model used for very large spaces. It is more suitable for professional use, for landscapers, gardeners of large areas and road workers in charge of the maintenance of municipalities and public areas. It is ideal for communities and municipal technical services.

The thermal weeder is connected to a butane gas cylinder via a 4.75 metre long flexible hose. The fittings snap on and do not require a tool to be fitted or removed. The bottle can be placed on a trolley with wheels, so that it can easily accompany you on all types of terrain.

The gas inlet opens directly on the bottle and is also controlled on the handle of the thermal weeder. You have a trigger that allows you to operate the burner with a power of 35 kW. You pull the trigger by holding a lit lighter in front of the nozzle of your thermal weeder and then it is ready to use.

Autonomous thermal weeder Ref. 6504

The ecological thermal weeder Ref. 6504 is self-contained and suitable for small and medium-sized areas. You can use it for your garden, no matter how big or small. Being completely autonomous, you can access all types of terrain.

You can use it for one hour with a full gas bottle. The burner also has an output of 35 kW.

The thermal weeder screw onto a butane gas cartridge, you don’t need any tools. A hook is attached to the cartridge, so that it can be attached to your belt, so you can avoid having to support the weight of it in your arms. The tool is equipped with a 1.50 metre hose which leaves you free to move around.

You must first open the gas supply to the bottle and then to the thermal weeder itself. Hold a lit lighter in front of the nozzle of the thermal weeder while you pull the trigger to light it.