Portable thermal weeder Cat. No. 6504

Portable thermal weeder Cat. No. 6504

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The ecological thermal weeder (Cat. No. 6504) or weeding torch is non-toxic and preserves the environment. This effective ecological weeder gives weeds no chance!

Powerful and high-performing, this portable thermal weeder (Cat. No. 6504) is formed of a green handle, a burner (Cat. No. 35SL600) with 35 kW of power and a belt kit (Cat. No. 16411), which includes a 1.50-metre hose, a valve to connect the gas cartridge and a belt hook to hold the cartridge (Cat. No. 556 – not supplied). The Cat. No. 6504 portable thermal weeder can be used in hard-to-reach areas that require great freedom of movement and mobility.

Able to withstand various weather conditions, this thermal weeder (Cat. No. 6504) is very economical and its gas cartridge provides an operating time of approximately one hour.

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