Thermal weeder Cat. No. 6503

Thermal weeder Cat. No. 6503

Public price excluding tax : 82.00€

Price excluding tax : 82,00

The ecological thermal weeder (Cat. No. 6503) or weeding torch is non-toxic and preserves the environment. This effective ecological weeder gives weeds no chance!

Very powerful and high-performing, this thermal weeder Cat. No. 6503 can manage very large spaces with difficult terrain.
At last – a thermal weeder that is ideal for local authorities and municipal teams!
Able to withstand various weather conditions, this thermal weeder (Cat. No. 6503) is very economical.

Connects directly to a butane gas cylinder. Mounted on a sleek green handle with a trigger and its burner (Cat. No. 35SL600) providing 35 kW of power. Easy to use thanks to its 4.75-metre hose (Cat. No. 963/5).


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