• Jun022024

    How to choose the best cattle hair remover for your needs

    Selecting the appropriate thermal hair remover for your dairy cows is essential for simplifying and enhancing the comfort of the…

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  • May202024

    Effective thermal weeding techniques for a chemical-free garden

    Embracing a thermal weeder is an environmentally friendly solution to weed management, eliminating the need for chemical products that can…

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  • Apr202024
    bien etre animal

    The main challenges facing cattle and goat farming

    Ensuring animal welfare is a primary concern in cattle and goat farming. Farmers are tasked with providing their livestock, whether…

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  • Mar102024
    desherbeur thermique

    Safety tips for using a thermal weeder

    Utilizing a thermal weeder to eliminate weeds involves precise targeting to avoid indiscriminate plant damage, unlike chemical methods that often…

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  • Jan012024

    How to maintain your thermal hair removal equipment

    Maintaining your thermal hair removal equipment is vital for the welfare of the animals and to ensure the longevity and…

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  • Nov222023

    Comment intégrer l’écornage et l’épilation dans un plan de gestion globale du troupeau

    Bovine and caprine dehorning is typically performed once before the animals reach 2 months of age. A thermal cattle dehorner…

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  • Jun202023
    elevage caprin

    Dairy goat farming

    Despite the competition and difficulties encountered in this sector, it is still possible to set up your own goat farm.…

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  • Jun032023
    Fromage de chèvre

    Breeds of goat cheese

    Goat cheese is popular with many consumers for its taste as well as for its nutritional qualities. Moreover, it appeals…

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  • May202023
    Veau de 2 mois

    When is the best time to dehorn a calf

    The dehorning of calves is a procedure that must be carried out before the age of 2 months, in order…

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  • May032023
    Cage de contention bovins

    Cattle restraint cages

    The restraint cage is the breeder’s ally. It is used for multiple interventions on livestock, allowing to protect both man…

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