• Jun032023
    Fromage de chèvre

    Breeds of goat cheese

    Goat cheese is popular with many consumers for its taste as well as for its nutritional qualities. Moreover, it appeals…

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  • May202023
    Veau de 2 mois

    When is the best time to dehorn a calf

    The dehorning of calves is a procedure that must be carried out before the age of 2 months, in order…

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  • May032023
    Cage de contention bovins

    Cattle restraint cages

    The restraint cage is the breeder’s ally. It is used for multiple interventions on livestock, allowing to protect both man…

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  • Oct152022
    Vache à lait

    Beef and dairy cows

    The French cattle industry is renowned for its very diversified cattle breeding, including beef, dairy and mixed breeds. Mixed cows…

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  • Oct042022
    Veau dans sa cage de contention

    Equipment and safety in cattle farming

    Cattle farmers deal with large animals, which can be dangerous to both the farmers and their herd. Cattle are peaceful…

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  • Oct042022
    chèvre alpine

    Dairy goat breeds

    France is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of goat milk production. In France, the estimated number of…

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  • Sep082022
    vache en paturage

    Good hygiene reduces the risk of mastitis

    Bovine mastitis (article in french) is a constant risk for farmers. This infection can harm animal well-being, as well as…

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  • Sep072022
    épilateur Thermique DANA plié

    The DANA thermal hair remover: a versatile tool

    Express Farming has developed a new, handy and cost-effective design, with the Dana thermal hair remover. All aspects have been…

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  • Jun212022
    Elevage caprins

    Goat breeding practices and cheese-making knowledge

    If you are interested in raising goats, here is a guide that outlines the basics of this wonderful profession. The…

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  • Jun062022
    elevage bio

    All about organic certification in organic livestock production

    The public demand for organic livestock ingredients is strong. However, the conditions for claiming this label are often poorly known.…

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