• Jun212022
    Elevage caprins

    Goat breeding practices and cheese-making knowledge

    If you are interested in raising goats, here is a guide that outlines the basics of this wonderful profession. The…

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  • Jun062022
    elevage bio

    All about organic certification in organic livestock production

    The public demand for organic livestock ingredients is strong. However, the conditions for claiming this label are often poorly known.…

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  • May232022
    legislation éleveur

    How to become a breeder

    Animal production agriculture refers to the raising of all types of animals: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. Several conditions…

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  • Apr022022
    Eleveur bovins

    What are the skills required to be a farmer?

    The breeder ensures the health and development of the animals he is responsible for, until their commercialization. As a true…

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  • Mar182022
    Bien-être animal

    Standards are mandatory for animal welfare

    Consumers prefer organic products for their nutritional qualities, but also because they know that this type of production meets high…

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  • Jun242021
    ecornage caprin

    Dehorning of goats

    Goat dehorning brings many benefits, in the barn, in the field, and during transport, both for the animals and for…

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  • Jun152021
    Formation écornage

    Dehorning training

    Cattle and goats dehorning is a practice that requires training to be carried out in the best conditions for the…

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  • Apr092021

    How to choose a restraint cage

    The restraint cage for the dehorning of calves allows the farmer to work in good conditions. It is faster and…

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  • Apr022021

    What do the regulations say about dehorning calves

    Dehorning cattle has advantages for both the animal and the farmer. It prevents injuries within the herd, during access to…

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  • Mar012021

    When is the best time to dehorn?

    The dehorning of farm animals must be carried out at the right time and must be thermal rather than chemical,…

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