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The benefits of dehorning for young cattle and young goat livestock are well known among cattle breeders and goat breeders.
Careful to ensure the health of their herds and flocks, they dehorn calves and goats as early as the first 3 weeks.
For the safety of both the animals and staff, cattle breeders and goat breeders perform dehorning at regular intervals.
To limit risks for breeders and avoid injuries in herds and flocks, including self-injury in feed fences, dehorning should be performed with gas dehorners, or electric dehorners – sometimes known as “horn burners“. This is a modern way to manage herds and flocks in complete safety.
Express Farming has developed a selection of gas dehorners that are also available as mains-powered and battery-powered electric versions. These ranges of livestock management equipment are complemented by carefully selected accessories, including restraint cages, restraint systems for kids and animal clippers. They make it easier to perform professional dehorning.
Whether you choose the Arkos gas dehorner, Daos gas dehorner or Cosmos electric dehorner, you can rest assured that you have opted for efficiency and a rapid return on investment.