Gas dehorner Cat. No. 114/2

Gas dehorner Cat. No. 114/2

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The Express Farming gas dehorner (Cat. No. 114/2) is a complete set (dehorner, regulator and hose) that will meet the needs of farmers looking for a practical, easy-to-use dehorner that offers the best possible hygiene conditions.

The Express Farming gas dehorner (Cat. No. 114/2) is versatile and can be operated in all positions. It enables work with large numbers of goat and cattle livestock.

With 500 W of power, the Express Farming gas dehorner is ready to use in less than three minutes and dehorns in less than five seconds per horn bud.

Its tip can be easily reversed using the lock in the handle, enabling the tool to be adapted to work on different animals. (int. diameter 17 and 19 mm)

It is remarkably easy to use;

Entirely safe for use in damp environments and with no exposed flame, it ensures user safety.

This set comes with a regulator (Cat. No. 682) and a 4.75-metre hose (Cat. No. 963/5) that is easy to connect to its propane gas cartridge.

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Power (W):


Consumption (g/h):

34 at 2 bar

Temperature (°C):

500 to 700 according to the gas and pressure used

Weight (g):


Hose length (m):


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