Alios Gas Dehorner Cat. No. 135

Alios Gas Dehorner Cat. No. 135

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The Express Farming Alios portable gas dehorner is the latest product in our range. It comes in a metal box that includes the following: a Cat. No. 135 Alios gas dehorner and Cat No. 446 cartridge + reversible tip,  17 and 19 mm tip and a spare Cat. No. 16743 nozzle.
The Alios gas dehorner designed by Express Farming can be used to dehorn cattle up to four weeks old in a simple and effective manner.
The Alios gas dehorner is cableless and its cartridge provides an operating time of approximately two hours with reaches operating temperature in less than 2 minutes!

Only three seconds per horn are needed thanks to its 350 W of power.

When usage instructions are followed and accessories recommended by Express Farming (restraint cage, clipper, spray, etc.) are used, the dehorning process will fully ensure animal well-being.

The Express Farming Alios gas debudder cat. No. 135 has no visible flame and features automatic Piezo ignition that can be changed without tools in a few seconds.

This tool is safe for use in damp conditions and can be operated in all positions and can be used in temperatures as low as 14°F.

  • Totally independent ignition line for easier replacement
  • No tools required to remove and replace the nozzle!
  • Simple self-maintenance
  • Allen key supplied and integrated in the tool

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Weight (g):

740 (with cartridge)

Power (W):


Temperature (°C) :


Operating time (h):

± 2


Epoxy-painted steel

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