Cosmos electric goat dehorner Cat. No. 127

Cosmos electric goat dehorner Cat. No. 127

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The Cosmos electric dehorner (Cat. No. 127), with its Ø 14 mm tip specifically designed for goats, is mains-operated for extreme ease-of-use.

Always ready for use, it heats up and cools down almost instantly. With its unique patented system, it stops automatically when the 10-second dehorning cycle is complete. This guarantees quality dehorning for breeders, who know as soon as the operation is finished.

You no longer need to worry about the power supply as its 6-metre mains cable offers superb handling for high-quality dehorning.

With numerous technological innovations, such as the ceramic bit with integrated circular heating wire and a built-in power

supply indicator, it helps operators save time.

There is also a Cosmos dehorner specifically designed for dehorning cattle: Cat. No. 126

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Supplied with the Cat. No. 12003 battery charger

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