Dana gas hair remover

Dana gas hair remover

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The Dana thermal hair remover: two functions in one tool!
Dairy farmers had been waiting for a long time for a versatile tool that can be used in both stalls and milking parlours.
The all-new Dana portable gas hair remover fully meets these requirements and offers many other advantages.

Dana et son raccord arrière incliné In addition to its weight of just 850 g and its ergonomic design, making it a pleasure to handle, the absence of a gas hose means users enjoy total freedom of movement. No more hoses getting tangled up, wrapping around the user’s legs or simply not being the right length. With its butane-propane gas cartridge, fitted directly to the angled rear connector beneath the handle, Dana offers nearly one hour of operating time.

What’s more, once the burner is correctly positioned beneath the udder, the user can light the flame in a click thanks to the automatic Piezo ignition, thereby avoiding scaring the cow’s neighbours with the flame, whether it is used in a stall or milking parlour. This helps to ensure animal well-being.
The Dana gas hair remover designed by Express Farming enables a time saving of the order of 10 minutes to milk a herd of 100 cows, which translates to about 100 hours a year!
La noix en alu de l'épilateur Dana lui assure un déploiement facile et rapide To switch from a stall to a milking parlour environment, the user simply changes the direction of the burner to the desired angle.  This is made possible by its swivel joint, which enables adjustment of the burner, controlled by its stop.

Specially treated to withstand the tough atmospheric conditions often encountered on farms, the 120-cm Dana tool can be cleaned simply with a hose or pressure washer.

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