Important Announcement – Coronavirus

Important Announcement – Coronavirus
19 March 2020 Express Farming

Serving finishing trades in the construction sector since 1905, Guilbert Express has experienced the various crises that have gripped France from the beginning of the twentieth century, right up to the current coronavirus crisis.

Based on our company’s long history, we are well aware that, in addition to the terrible human drama it is causing, the operations of many companies around the world will once again be lastingly affected. This is why we have taken the decision to ask all of our employees who are able to work remotely, without delay and throughout the lockdown period.

You will be able to contact our Customer Service, Accounting and Sales teams directly, as in the past. They will be contactable via all the means we have provided for you: our company telephone, mobiles, email and video conferences. We will also be constantly monitoring the social networks where the Express brand has a presence.

We will be on hand to respond to all of your questions and/or suggestions via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. During these challenging times, protecting all of our employees and serving you, while doing our utmost to avoid the almost inevitable inconveniences caused by exceptional situations such as these, will be our only and top priority.

As in the past, we firmly believe that, by working together, we will be able to write another page of our shared history.

Didier and Philippe Guilbert