The DANA thermal hair remover: a versatile tool

The DANA thermal hair remover: a versatile tool
7 September 2022 Express Farming
épilateur Thermique DANA plié

Express Farming has developed a new, handy and cost-effective design, with the Dana thermal hair remover. All aspects have been taken into consideration to make farmers’ work easier, as well as to ensure animal welfare. A notable benefit offered by this tool is that it can be used everywhere, in both stalls and milking parlours.

Why opt for a gas-powered cattle hair remover?

This gas-powered cattle hair remover brings benefits for both the animals and the farmer. Its ability to burn off udder hair with a “soft” flame ensures that animals experience no pain, just a hot breeze, and will feel no sensation of burning at any point.

The soft flame is produced by incomplete combustion of the propane with a very low oxygen input. It is yellow and never exceeds 300°C, unlike a conventional flame that can reach up to 1000°C. 

What’s more, the thermal hair remover enables work to be carried out in impeccable hygiene conditions. Hairs on cow udders can impede smooth functioning of robotic milking systems, particularly in winter when they are thicker. In addition, hairs are breeding grounds for infection and can increase the risk of mastitis developing. 

Shaving udders is a time-consuming process that must be performed often, while hair removal with the Dana tool produces faster and longer-lasting results, meaning much less stress for the cows. It takes less than 10 seconds to remove hair on the cow’s four teats. Hair removal must be performed once every 6 to 8 weeks, according to the breed of cow and the season, which affects the rate of regrowth.

L'épilation en stabulation simple et efficace avec Dana

Hair removal in a stall

Dana: the lightweight thermal hair remover

Dana’s design took into account the requests of farmers, who had been waiting for a long time for a versatile tool, which can be used in both stalls and milking parlours.

First off, Dana is extremely light, weighing just 850 grams. This means that it can be used for long periods with a herd, with no risk of fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), which are a common problem for people performing manual work. 

Exceptional handling

Rather than being linked to a gas container by a hose, Dana is equipped with a butane/propane gas cartridge. This cartridge is attached to the rear inlet on the thermal hair remover and is positioned at an angle beneath the handle. This design offers exceptional handling. 

The burner extends 120 cm, enabling users to work at a distance and easily get between the cow’s limbs.  

Moving from the stall to the milking parlour

To improve Dana’s versatility in use, the tool is equipped with a tilt mechanism that makes it possible to adjust the burner’s angle and position. Whatever your position is in relation to the animal, you can get the job done.

One hour’s operating time to take care of your herd

Dana offers you one hour’s operating time, enabling you to take care of your herd, moving from one animal to the next, without causing any stress to the cattle. Dana is equipped with an automatic Piezo ignition, enabling you to light the flame by simply pressing on the trigger. This means you can turn off the tool in between each animal, to avoid making any sudden movements with the flame that could startle a cow, while saving gas. Once the burner is positioned beneath the udder, you can light it again. 

Simplified maintenance

As with all Express designs, the manufacturer takes into account farmers’ work and does everything possible to help them save time:

  • Dana simply requires rinsing off with some water;
  • The cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily;
  • The Piezo ignition system is sold as a spare part and you can change it yourself.