My Express Farming gas hair remover does not switch on. What should I do?

My Express Farming gas hair remover does not switch on. What should I do?
8 June 2020 Express Farming

If you experience operating problems with your thermal hair remover, you must eliminate the cause of the failure. The causes of the malfunction are similar to that of a conventional torch, because the thermal hair remover is a “flame” product that uses LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) type gas.

Gas supply

The first cause of the defect of a thermal hair remover is related to its gas supply. You need to hear it come out from the tip.

If that is not the case, check that your gas bottle still contains enough gas and that the gas supply is open. The knob on the handle of the gas epilator must be unscrewed to allow the supply.

Sometimes the injector of the thermal hair remover is damaged or simply clogged, but that occurs rarely. Since it’s crimped, you won’t be able to uncork it from the inside. Do not blow from the outside, as you risk pushing the impurities that cause the plug even further inside. Only the Express Farming after-sales service is able to carry out this service.

Choosing the regulator

Your gas epilator is not designed to operate with a low-pressure gas stove regulator. This offers a pressure of only 28 mbar for butane and 37 mbar for propane, whereas the appropriate pressure regulator must provide a pressure of 2 bar. This is particularly the case when working with an epilator using propane gas in 13 kg bottles.

Searching for a gas leak

If the epilator does not work satisfactorily while gas is coming out, you should check for a possible gas leak. When using your appliance, if you smell gas, you must immediately take it outside in a ventilated area away from any source of ignition. You can then search for the origin of the leak.

Check the seals :

  1. between the gas cylinder and your appliance;
  2. at the end of the handle;
  3. on the lance.

The search for a gas leak should preferably be carried out using soapy water which enables you to easily visualise the origin of the leak. You can also detect the leak using an aerosol leak detector, but never look for the origin of the gas leak with a flame! Gas is a fuel with a high energy content and you should always take precautions when identifying a malfunction in your appliance.

Never use a thermal epilator with a defective seal or fitting. If you notice damaged and/or worn seals, or if your appliance itself is damaged and malfunctions, change the part or contact the manufacturer’s after-sales service exclusively.

If you work in very cold weather

Once the temperature in your environment drops below 0 °C, the pressure inside the cylinder may be insufficient to allow the gas to escape. On the other hand, it can frost. For propane, temperatures below -40 °C are required, but for butane, it is sufficient to go from a negative temperature to 0 °C and below.

The solution in this case is to warm up your bottle. Again, never use a flame, but use a specific heating blanket. There are blankets or belts that wrap the bottle and keep it at the right temperature.

The blanket adapts to the size of the bottle, thanks to its velcro tapes. Its carbon heating cables ensure a constant temperature of 30 °C with  the thermostat associated with the unit. This ensures that you are working at optimum pressure and that you use all the gas, so that there is no risk of icing.