Express Farming Gas Dehorner, which one to choose?

Express Farming Gas Dehorner, which one to choose?
4 May 2020 Express Farming

Over the decades Express Farming has been designing and providing dehorners to cattle and goat breedersand has developed unique expertise. Today, the brand is distributed in more than 54 countries with a large network of distributors, which brings it as close as possible to the breeders to provide their products and  after-sales service.

The evolution of the Express Farming dehorner

Express Farming devotes 5 % of its budget to research and innovation. The dehorning of animals is a delicate operation which must be carried out with respect for animal welfare and taking into account the safety of the farmer. This is an unavoidable step that should be carried out with the appropriate  tools.

Farming Express is a specialist in the design of gas dehorners. It allows dehorning to be carried out from the first days of the animal’s life to avoid unnecessary suffering. This implies that at certain times, for large farms, a productive and lasting dehorner is required which can handle several dozen operations per day.

The dehorner should not be too heavy, it should be usable in any place – in the stable or in the field – in all positions and in any weather conditions, including wet conditions.

To help you work in the best conditions, Express Farming provides breeders with complementary products, such as restraint cages, kid racks and animal clippers.

Whatever your tool, you will find spare parts and accessories at your nearest dealer or for some accessories at the Express Farming Online Shop.

The Express Farming range of gas dehorners

Express Farming provides three models of gas dehorners. They have in common that they work in all weather, even wet conditions and in all positions. When equipped with a Piezo ignition it can be changed without tools, in a matter of seconds, through access to the injector by removing the trigger.

Arkos gas dehorner

La valisette fermée de l'écorneur à gaz Arkos Réf. 144

Arkos gas dehorner

The Arkos gas dehorner is available in two versions: reference 144 for bovines, with its reversible tip of 17 and 19 mm and reference 145 for caprines with its tip of 15 mm.

It is a light model of 550 grams, cartridge included. Its autonomy of about two hours allows you to work with a maximum heating temperature of 700°.

Daos Gas Dehorner

The Daos gas dehorner is also available in two versions: reference 114/1 which runs on butane, propane or propene gas, or reference 114/2 which runs

Écorneur à gaz Daos Réf. 114/2

Daos gas dehorner

only on propane gas. It is ultra light at only 290 grams.

It must be connected to its cartridge by a 1.50 m long tube for version 1 and a 4.75 m long tube for version 2. The dehorner is supplied with its regulator, tube and belt hook. It is ready to operate in less than 3 minutes by reaching a temperature between 500 and 700°, depending on the gas you prefer and the pressure you use. It has a power of 500 W.

Alios Gas Dehorner

écorneur à gaz Alios Réf. 135

Alios gas dehorner

The Alios calf dehorner is the latest addition of Express Farming. It comes in a metal case for storage with its gas cartridge and reversible purlin, with a 17 or 19 mm tip. You also have a spare injector and a hexagonal key (integrated in the dehorner). It weighs 740 grams, including the cartridge.

The Alios dehorner is used to dehorn cattle up to four weeks of age. With a power of 350 W, it reaches its maximum temperature of 600° in less than two minutes. You need less than 2 minutes per horn and its gas cartridge gives you an autonomy of about two hours depending on the outside weather conditions and use.