My Cosmos electric dehorner doesn’t seem to be efficient. What to check first?

My Cosmos electric dehorner doesn’t seem to be efficient. What to check first?
15 June 2020 Express Farming
Cosmos electric goat dehorner Cat. No. 127

If your Cosmos electric dehorner fails, you should carry out a few checks before contacting the Farming Express after-sales service. The failure may be caused by the power supply, or the failure of a consumable. Here’s how to proceed methodically to identify the cause of your device’s failure.

Maintain and store your electric dehorner properly.

The first rule to avoid breakdowns is to take care of your dehorner and store it in good conditions. That will optimise its life span.

Always store your device in a dry, temperate place. The battery, and the electrical connections, are sensitive to moist environments and extreme temperatures. Also, avoid rough handling your device and handle it with care, avoiding knocks that could damage it. In case of shock, you also risk cracking or breaking its ceramic head, which is essential for the proper functioning of the heating wire.

Check the power supply

The Cosmos electric dehorner is available in two versions: with battery or mains power. The first check in the event of a malfunction concerns the power supply.

1 – Your electric dehorner is battery operated

Ecornage électrique The battery in your electric dehorner must be sufficiently charged to operate properly. Start by recharging it to 100 %.

Your dehorner is equipped with a charge indicator that allows you to check the condition of your battery. When it is full, you can treat up to 40 animals in one session, regardless of the version you use, for cattle or goats.

Your battery may no longer be able to charge, due to wear and tear or if it has been exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. In that case, contact the Farming Express customer service department.

2 – Your electric dehorner works on mains power.

Make sure that your Cosmos electric dehorner is plugged into a 220-volt electrical plug. If it does not work, test your plug with another device.

Also check your power cord: it may have been damaged after  crushing by an animal or contact with a hot object.

Fil chauffant Réf. 12016 pour l'écorneur Cosmos spécial bovin

Heating wire for the Cosmos Dehorner

Check the heating wire

The heating wire is a consumable with a limited lifespan. With wear and tear, it eventually becomes inoperable. Check that it is correctly positioned and if it does not work, you must replace it.

If you order it on the Farming Express website, it will be delivered to you within 48 hours of your payment.

Tête céramique special caprins Réf. 12002 pour l'écorneur Cosmos

Ceramic head for the Cosmos dehorner

Check the ceramic head

A defect of the ceramic head is a cause of defect of the Cosmos electrical dehorner.. This is the element that supports the heating wire. If it is cracked or even broken, it can no longer perform its function and you have to replace it.

You can find the spare part for each model of the Cosmos dehorner on the Express Farming website.

The problem of the electronic card

The Cosmos electric dehorner is controlled by an integrated electronic board. If you have performed the above checks, but your device still does not work, the card may be defective. This is a rare defect, but like any high-tech product, a part is never completely infallible.

Warning, you cannot change this electronic card yourself. If you attempt to tamper with the card and damage it, you will lose the warranty. Instead, contact our customer service department who will give you an estimate of the cost of repair, or replace it if your unit is still under warranty.